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If you’re a regular reader, you know Uncle Joel ain’t made of money. The Internet, however, is. I’d appreciate your help keeping the blog going, which means keeping my provider account going.

But Uncle Joel lives where the mail truck don’t go. If you’re interested in helping with a small donation, please either hit the “Donate” button on the sidebar or drop me a line at joel(at)joelsgulch(dot)com. I’ll get back to you with details right away.

And if you just want to make Uncle Joel a happy camper, visit my Amazon wish list. I’d sure appreciate that.

ADDED 1-15-22: I need to acquire a new supply of stump socks.

Anybody who wants to help with this is welcome aboard. They’re 12″ or 14″ 5-ply with no hole in the toe, and are available at
or possibly other places.

If you don’t already have my maildrop address, email me at Joel(at)joelsgulch(dot)com and I’ll send it to you. Thanks for reading!

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  1. The Grey Lady 说:


    Miss you,all is settling down well here..

    Take care, hope to have time ( very very soon) to catch up on your blog. Say Hi to the others.

  2. The Grey Lady 说:

    Oh my lord love a duck, I am sloooooow, for some bizarre reason I thought that would be private……walks away red faced…..Please feel free to erase above ^

  3. 我不是你 说:




  4. 乔尔,很棒的电子书!每一分钱都值得,写得就像你在房间里亲自跟我说话一样。差点给你一杯柠檬水。我会传播这本书的消息。非常脚踏实地,没有技术和伟大的想法去哪里买东西(RV逆变器是一个绝妙的想法)。我正在密谋和计划我的秘密巢穴。。这是你小屋的好名字。继续做好工作。一边写几本mre书。


  5. 朗纳 说:

    刚刚在我的《非法自由》页面上对你大喊了一声…(通过JayneCobb meme) (您无需登录或成为F*c*book会员即可查看页面。)

  6. Joel 说:


  7. 嘿Joel

  8. 塞尔达 说:


  9. 乔安妮·西蒙·里克曼 说:


  10. 杰德 说:

    1) Select item from Joel’s list.
    2) Select a few other items, just cuz you want to surprise old Joel
    3) Checkout
    4) Message from amazon: Wishlist item can’t be shipped to wishlist address.
    5) Delete that item
    6) Other items now can’t be shipped to Joel, using wishlist address.

    Achievement: Surprise – Blocked!

    Also, it’d never’ve occurred to me to look under the menu item for _my_ lists, to find someone else’s list. Amazon’s current web template doesn’t have any sort of obvious link for “search for registry”. Oh no. Well, OK.

    Joel’s Wish List

    So there!

    p.s. So just e-mail me your shipping address then. No, don’t expect anything. I’ll wait until this is all forgotten. 🙂

  11. Joel 说:

    Whoops! Should be fixed now.

  12. Shannon 说:

    OK…I tried the email and it didn’t go. I’m not tech smart…so…. Let me know what o should do. I’m retired now…so please don’t bash. Its just my email that I have. Send me how to get this to you if interested ,

  13. Joel 说:

    Shannon – email sent. We must find that stuff a good home immediately.

  14. B00klegger 说:

    Joel I’ll send you a camera. I can dig it up this weekend. Really good camera but no longer using it since ‘smartphones’ have become the norm. Purchased in 2008. I can send memory cards and the accessories too. Send me an email and we can get it rolling.

  15. Marie 说:

    New reader, enjoy your writing very much. Cannot find your amazon wish list. Shows 0 items?

  16. Joel 说:

    Uh, yeah – I’m not very organized about the wish list. Thanks for asking. You might try here.

  17. Marie 说:

    Will have friend with amazon prime send it to you

  18. Marie 说:

    Amazon link doesn’t have ship too address?

  19. Joel 说:

    Thanks for asking. Email me at for a snailmail address.

  20. 克里斯·香农 说:



  21. 艾伦 说:


  22. 汤姆 说: